Pension Anima

About our hotel

Pension ANIMA** is located in the Medvedia Hora recreation area, in the heart of Zemplínská Šírava, 15 meters from its banks in the stillness of the trees, in the beautiful scenery of the East Slovak Lowland under the slopes of Vihorlat. The indisputable advantage of the pension is the proximity not only to the beach but also to the surrounding resorts. The beach below the guesthouse is gravelly and one of the most beautiful on the horizon. We offer standard accommodation and catering services, with the aim of providing guests with maximum comfort and relaxation. The boarding house's equipment and services are oriented in such a way as to satisfy the guests' ideas about a pleasantly spent vacation throughout the year. On the premises,
the guesthouse has several outdoor terraces with a wonderful view of the bay full of moored boats, a children's playground, a campsite, a watercraft rental, or a fire pit. When you head to the left, the trail will lead you to the recreation center Hôrka, which is known for various cultural and social events. It is from this resort that the cruise ship departs for a cruise on the waters of Zemplínská Šírava. In the opposite direction, you can reach Thermalpark Šírava or the village of Kaluža, where you will find a shop and a beautiful Greek-Catholic church, which is the dominant feature of the village. The Kamenec recreation center is located near the village, known for its discotheques, amusement park, swimming pools, and a busy shopping street where you can eat and buy something. Vinian Castle, Vinnian Lake, Morské Oko, and the flooded Beňatina quarry are definitely worth a visit.

Beach Pension Anima

At Medveda Hora you feel as if you are in Croatia. Beautiful still lifes full of moored boats, manicured gravel beaches, lawns that make you want to walk barefoot.

An oasis of peace and relaxation by the Slovak Sea 

The sauna is a place of balance, offering respite from the stress of everyday life and an opportunity for contemplation and personal growth, as well as a number of health benefits that have been recognized for centuries, it is the ideal place for those looking for an escape from the busy life, a short distance from the city. Anyone who tries this sauna will be transported to Finland for a moment and taste the real sauna, cooling off in the waves of the Slovak sea and relaxing in the fresh air. No shower or tub can replace cooling off in such water. Natural water acts on the body like acupuncture. The panoramic view of Zemplínská Šírava is also priceless, when you have 100 degrees inside and the "devils are getting married" outside. Part of the sauna is a roofed - closable terrace where you can relax on a deckchair, listen to music, relax, drink tea or prosecco between sauna sessions. The stay is first of all about the experience, experiential sauna, regeneration of body and mind. Sauna bathing is a lifestyle, without a doubt, it has a positive effect on the whole organism. There are not many things in the world that bring as many benefits as a sauna. While it won't be the solution to all your problems, it can certainly lead to a happier life. Come enjoy an unforgettable experience. We are looking forward to you...


On the ground floor of the guesthouse there is a restaurant with a capacity of 80 people, a bar with a capacity of 16 people, as well as summer terraces with a capacity of 100 people. A lunch menu is also served here on weekdays. The menu is varied and offers a variety of dishes from pork to beef, chicken and fish as well as meatless dishes and pasta. The restaurant is pleasantly furnished and there is also the possibility of a small closed company in the lounge with a capacity of up to 20 people. The entire restaurant can also be reserved for your social event, such as a birthday, christening or wedding. In the summer months, there are also summer terraces where you can sit comfortably and enjoy our good food. The terraces also include a children's playground, which families with children will especially appreciate, as well as the fact that smoking is not allowed in the restaurant.

Anima guesthouse rental

 There is a watercraft rental on the beach below the ANIMA** guesthouse. Water bikes, canoes, kayaks are available for guests.

Rybolov Pension Anima 

Zemplínska Šírava is a fishing area where it is forbidden to take catches. Thanks to this, it contains beautiful pieces of various types of freshwater fish. Here you will meet carp, catfish, toothfish... You can buy fishing permits from us (the only point of sale on Šírava), launch a boat, and a pier or shipyard is available for our customers, where we can store your boat for you. Pension ANIMA** is a place where we will provide you with everything for your comfort, so that you can enjoy fishing to the fullest.

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